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Instant, market-driven annual and variable compensation answers for over 20,000 jobs.

Compensate and retain talent in today's job market.


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Win the Right Candidate. Faster.

Employers are facing the largest number of resignations in history, and compensation is a key reason people are leaving their current roles.

Talent acquisition professionals and business leaders need to be armed with today’s pay demands to win the talent war.

Customize a compensation package for your specific job and requirements with LaborIQ. 


The Total Package. Your Way.

Every employer has unique job titles, skills requirements and pay incentives.

With LaborIQ's total compensation solution, quickly add compensation variables for each
job and customize the package you need to attract and keep talent.

What Clients are Saying

We were in dire need of salary answers that were accurate and reliable. This application has been a lifesaver for our company because now we can get those answers and more, (e.g. supply & demand, future salary forecasting, and benchmarking). We have the utmost confidence in the recommended salary ranges because the reports can be drilled down to our company size, industry, and revenue. We never have to worry about being competitive within our market again!
LaborIQ has enhanced my clients’ hiring strategies now that we can get the data behind what drives salary demands, and how pay ranges will change in the future. We identified where they could have overpaid for talent, saving overhead costs in the long run.
With LaborIQ’s salary recommendations and metro analysis, I was able to identify new markets for talent acquisition and instill confidence in one of our hiring managers that we would be able to staff her team successfully with top talent. And, we know we can keep talent after discovering through LaborIQ that we are a top-paying employer.
LaborIQ has set us apart from other recruiting companies. We are able to look at market forecasts by location and industry, which helps determine growth and expansion areas for our business. With LaborIQ Salary Answers, we're able to provide our clients accurate, market-driven salary information to help them budget for current and future positions.
The company is very friendly and quick to respond to our needs. The software is easy to use and helps us accurately plan and forecast employee costs across every region in where we operate. We have more information at our fingertips about employee salary data than we have ever had in the 20 years of hiring technology employees. LaborIQ allowed us to not overpay for several technicians in a region I was unfamiliar. The product paid for itself in the first few months of us using it. I highly recommend this product to any company looking for insights on labor rates and labor forecasting.

Technology Salary Demands

Competition for talent is becoming fierce, especially in technology jobs where earning power exceeds $100,000 for most roles.

HR professionals, compensation and hiring managers need current, market-driven answers to compensate new and existing talent.

This is LaborIQ's expertise.

Our analysts and data scientists have prepared an interactive guide covering today's salary demands across different technology roles.

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Accuracy Matters

LaborIQ uses proprietary ATILA™ Technology, curating 18 trillion data points validated against more than 8.6 million U.S. pay stubs, providing current, market-driven compensation answers. 

The multi-tiered process verifies and delivers precise salary recommendations, talent supply and forecasts for more than 20,000 jobs, ensuring accuracy for all job levels and specialties.