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Guide your organization in critical moments with key insights into labor market performance indicators.

The recovery and viability of any market is measured by hundreds of unique performance indicators.

While any of the metrics provide some insight into an area’s performance, it’s only when the metrics are reviewed collectively that you gain a complete picture.

This e-book outlines an easy-to-understand methodology for measuring the performance and recovery of your market.

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How you'll benefit:

  • Understand and analyze industry and occupational trends to inform your business and operational strategies.

  • Measure activity, impact and recovery for your market with these 10 metrics.

  • Make proactive business decisions based on the economic performance and recovery of your market and the ones you serve.

ThinkWhy continuously monitors and forecasts labor data at all levels, measuring impact to MSAs and businesses across the country. Stay current with us. We are here to support organizations and provide insights during the economic downturn, as well as the recovery phase.


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